The Healing Path

For Body, Mind & Spirit 

Discovering a Healing Path

In 1991 I injured my lower back while working on the job.  At the time, I was living alone and I thought that my injury was the worst thing that could have happened to me.   I was unable to care for myself and needed to move back home with my mother and two siblings.  My injury required bedrest and during this period, I began to examine my life in a way that I had never experienced before.  My examination of my life uncovered a very unhappy, angry, depressed and fearful person.  I did not like my job or my relationships.  I realized that I needed to make some life changes.  I began to read self-help books and attend self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon.  I utilized psychological counseling and began to eat healthy, meditate and practice yoga.  I began to unravel the reasons for why I had been living an unhappy existence.   And I began to get healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

During this time, a friend of mine introduced me to Reiki. I was impressed, and thought Reiki could be a means of expanding my spirituality. I had several Reiki treatments. The ancient and revered healing practice of Reiki provided me with answers. In this sacred tradition I learned how to ground myself, release emotional pain, to relax, and to help others. I learned about the body's energy centers, called chakras, and the interconnection and importance of balance between body, mind and spirit.  A paradigm shift occurred in my perception when I discovered how we actually assist our own body's innate ability to heal itself!  Soon after my first Reiki treatment,  I embarked on my journey to become a Usui Reiki practitioner.  I began my Reiki training in 2008 and completed my mastery level and teacher training in 2010 under the instruction of  one of my mentors, Linda Carter Backes. 

Becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher provided me with opportunities to interact with spiritually likeminded people.  Embracing Reiki opened up other doors that led me to amazing spiritual discoveries and a deep passion to learn about universal energy, protecting one’s sacred space and other enlightening teachings.  From 2008-2012, I completed my initiation into the first level of the Galactic Councils of Light.  The Galactic Councils of Light are a group of light workers sent from the Higher Realms to assist the human race in raising their vibrations for the purpose of becoming light workers themselves and to help heal the Earth.  The first level consisted of eight unique energy downloads from the Galactic Councils. In 2011 I completed a 12 week intuitive development course under the instruction of Gina Spriggs. In May 2016 I received my initiation as an Atlantean Temple Priest, sworn to uphold the 7 spiritual Laws of Atlantis and bring the Sacred Touch of Atlantis out into this time and space on our planet. This is a sacred 12 and 13 chakra energy healing system that I have been trained in to facilitate chakra activations and aura clearings. 

I was mentored by the amazing Ameera Beth. I received extensive training from Ameera in working with the Aura, clearing energy and removing entity attachments. I am certified as a Past Life Regression facilitator, trained in the art of using Past Life Regression and Aura clearing to assist my clients in healing on all levels and furthering their spiritual growth. Past Life Regression is achieved through light hypnosis.

With so many transformations in my life, I ​​embraced a new purpose as a Light Worker and entrepreneur of The Healing Path for Body, Mind & Spirit. 

My mission is to promote healthier living through natural, holistic modalities and to help others through a practical and spiritual approach to balance body, mind and spirit. I align with those who understand that we are truly spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body that has amazing abilities and chooses a unique path to discover and enjoy. 

Removing blockages that often originate from emotional wounds, deep-seated fears, or unresolved forgiveness issues, along with channeling high vibrational activations are my expertise.  I also excel in reducing physical pain, and promoting the body and mind’s relaxation.   In addition, I help my clients to recognize, understand, and embrace their own unique spiritual talents, so that they may experience an authentic, heart-centered and joyous life.

Serving in Love and Light

Chris Parez